De-LAB and "INnovare per INcludere"

De-LAB is partner of INnovare per INcludere, a laboratory based in Milan and specialised in public policy. The mission of the association is that of offering practical solutions to social issues, by doing research projects, publishing studies, through direct experiences and counselling to policy makers. 
March 15th, in occasion of the conference organised at BASE MILANO in tandem with Cariplo Factory : FARE=IMPARE, De-LAB was there. The meeting’s aim was stimulating the conversation around the former and the future relations between Makers, Civil Society and the world of Education. In that context we gave our contribution briefly presenting our forthcoming project that essentially develop the Makers issue within a peculiar context of Innovation. We are in fact partnering with an important company of the furniture district in Veneto, with which we are thinking on how its relationship with the territory can be enhanced by enabling formative courses on co-creation and co-design.


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