An Italian Green New Deal

Helios association, in partnership with Edizioni Ambiente, presents “Parole al Verde”, a festival dedicated to new books focused on environmental issues and pro-sustainability policies. The event will be held in Zevio (Verona) at the Civic Cultural Centre.
The last appointment will be in June and will officially present the last Eco-Mafie Report (2014) published by Edizioni Ambiente.
All the books will be presented by the authors and the discussion will be moderated by journalists, professors or practitioners that will lively contribute to the debate about the topic of the day.
Contributing to this project, De-LAB participated on March 20th illustrating Inclusive Business strategies as a practical translation of Triple Bottom Line theories.
De-LAB had the floor during the presentation of the book titled: “An Italian Green New Deal”, by Ronchi/Morabito, Ambiente Ed. 2014.
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