De-LAB @ Sferracavalli Festival ….talking about a Value R-Evolution!

Logo-Sferracavalli_s-370x241On Sunday, July 27th De-LAB will be hosted by Sferracavalli, a Festival dedicated to sustainable immagination that takes place in Lizzano (Taranto). Sferracavalli was meant to bring the topic of entrepreneurial innovation in rural areas of southern Italy.
From July 12th to August 2nd workshops, conferences, exhibitions and concerts will be organized in the streets, empty spaces and architectures of Taranto province.
This year’s topic is sustainable entrepreneurship and this edition’s guests belong to different realities: from design to architecture, from business consulting to civil society.
Lucia Dal Negro will participate focusing on the phenomenon of VALUE R-EVOLUTIONS.
Starting from the role of entrepreneurs within modern societies, some De-LAB’s projects will be presented and illustrated and the audience will be asked to think about the following assumptions: “charities are good because unselfish“, “companies just seek for money out of their investments“, “innovation trickles down from more advanced markets“.
Four questions to Lucia Dal Negro, De-LAB founder:
1- Introduce yourself very shortly!
I design projects which increase the social/environmental value of innovative businesses. I work with&for entrepreneurs to improve the social and green impact of their businesses.
2- What will you talk about at Sferracavalli?
I’ll talk about the Italian way of doing business and about the potential for overcoming current criticalities through Social Innovation.
3-Which is your project?
De-LAB, namely my PhD thesis which has recently become a Lab for social and environemntal projects serving innovative entrepreneurs.
4- What are your expectations?
I would love to meet people willing to ride on new ideas!
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