BOP Global Summit 2013

From November 6th to November 10th 2013 De-LAB participated in the international meeting dedicated to the launch of the BOP Global Network and to the involvement of the Profit Sector within the network of Labs devoted to studies and consultancies in the Inclusive Business domain.

Prof. Stuart Hart, co-author of the Base of the Pyramid Theory

Prof. Stuart Hart, co-author of the Base of the Pyramid Theory

The meeting pooled in San Paolo (Brazil) numerous firms, from multinationals to SMEs, which were able to meet the sixteen BOP Labs’ leaders and founders of the network. Hosted by a firm leader in the cosmetic sector, Natura, and by IBM-Latino America, the different labs presented their projects and their newest activities.
BOP Labs' leaders

BOP Labs’ leaders

Representing Italy, Lucia Dal Negro (De-LAB) presented the methodology of an impact assessment study about the social impacts of green technologies in off-grid rural villages in western Senegal.
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De-Lab presentation
The last two days of the meeting took place at Ilhabela island, where BOP Labs only successfully defined membership rules and collaboration processes internal to the BOP Global network.
BOP Labs at Ilhabela
The event was a success: more than 180 participants from the private sector, NGOs, consultants and academics got together to define the state of the art of Inclusive Business as well as to pave the way for new strategies and advancements.
The next meeting, at European level, will take place in Finland on June 2014…..and De-LAB won’t miss it!