De-LAB representing Italy in Helsinki

On June 17th and 18th De-LAB will take part in the European meeting on Inclusive Business organized by Aalto Global Impact lab in Helsinki, Finland.
Goal of the event will be to gather entrepreneurs and representatives of the EU BOP labs to discuss on how to trickle up (towards advanced economies) innovative technologies developed at the base of the income pyramid, namely for/together low-income communities. The latter is one of the most cutting edge aspects of the Inclusive Business literature, still debated at theoretical and practical level.
Nuova immagine (7)Among the many actors that will join the meeting there will be the European BOP labs, Italy being represented by De-LAB, Prof. Stuart Hart, speakers from the profit sector such as from Fortum, Fuzu and Funzi (showing practical business cases from Africa, Asia and Middle East) World Vision, Finnpartnership and other prominent experts and entrepreneurs.
De-LAB’s goal will be that of representing the Italian potential in the Inclusive Business domain, presenting new projects and events as well as launching new publications.