New publication! "Inclusive Business: answering the call"

De-LAB develops consultancies and bespoke research on Inclusive Business issues. But what do we mean by saying “Inclusive Business”? 
To answer to that question we decided to publish a booklet explaining the basic aspects of the Inclusive Business approach. Moreover, we have selected and analyzed four Italian entrepreneurial initiatives which present some aspects of the “Base of the pyramid Theory”.
The booklet, titled: “Inclusive Business: answering the call“, will be available for free on De-LAB’s website from March 20th.
In order to present the booklet and discuss about the many opportunities offered by the Inclusive Business approach, Lucia Dal Negro (De-LAB) together with LUMSA University and Prof. Laura Michelini invites you to take part to the launch of the booklet on March 26th, from 2 pm to 4,30 pm in Rome, LUMSA University, room “Sala del consiglio”.
Prof. Michelini (LUMSA), Lucia Dal Negro (De-LAB) and the authors that contributed with chapters or sections of the book will introduce it and discuss about the relevance of doing Inclusive Busienss. More precisely, Mirko Tricoli (ActionAid), Elena Como (LAMA) and two representatives of RHome for DenCity (one of the four case-studies) will have the floor, presenting their perspective on the Inclusive Business debate.
To participate on March, 26th in Rome, please, confirm your interest by sending here (lucia.dalnegro@delab.it/l.michelini@lumsa.it) your request. Can’t wait to see you amongst the public!