De-LAB at the WSIS Project Prize 2015: vote 4 us!

De-LAB’s project called VOILA’ (www.voila.delab.it) reached the finals of the WSIS competition organized by ITU (UN agency for telecommunications).
Our project is listed in category 17: “Ethical dimensions of the information society” and has to do with inclusive impacts generated from ICT services such as online tutorials developed together with deaf people.
To win the competition (no money, “just” the possibility to be included amongst ITU international best practices) we need to be supported and voted.
If you believe in the potentialities of our project, support us here: http://groups.itu.int/stocktaking/WSISProjectPrizes.aspx#vote
Voting is simple: you just have to register, wait for the confirming email, then select your favourite project IN EACH AND EVERY CATEGORY (Voilà is listed in category 17).
IMPORTANT: 18 votes are needed to complete the voting phase or the process won’t be validated.
Estimated time 13 minutes.
Team De-LAB is grateful to those that will support us!
Fingers crossed 🙂

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