Oct 13th/16th De-LAB @ World Forum for Local Economic Development

During these days De-LAB has participated to the World Forum for Local Economic Development, held at the prestigious Royal Palace site in Turin. The Forum is an itinerant international event that hosts several different subjects working in the local development field, representing academies, IIOO, public administrations and the private sector.
This important moment for sharing challenging ideas, allows De-LAB to communicate its vision in terms of development and Inclusive Business, expanding this way its international network.
Notably, it is important to underlie the presence of numerous Italian companies, of which core businesses gravitate around the principal development pillars (agriculture, waste management, energy, health, etc.). The forum, in fact, has not ultimately come to a final simple declaration, but for its entire duration, it has been an interactive B2B platform thanks to which De-LAB has established new and important collaborations. We think that events like this are key seeds of change in the world of international cooperation and foreign investments. De-LAB wants to be part of this change, playing its role.

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