World Resource Forum, Davos, October 2013

The World Resource Forum has been held in Davos (Switzerland) , 6th – 9th October 2013. Over 400 participants from 53 different countries attended the three days of political debates, scientific discussions and passionate talks during coffee breaks, sharing new projects with international partners.
The topics of the WRF were Degrowth, the reuse of materials, the international traceability of WEEs, the national policies about Zero Waste and the sustainability processes for the industrial sector.
Maria Luisa Venuta, from Catholic University and De LAB , participated in different discussion panels sharing ideas and knowledge with other academics, practitioners and experts in the field of sustainable human development. What emerged from the discussions was an alternative view of the upcoming processes of industrial and social development …..De-LAB is ready to translate these ideas into innovative and practical projects.
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WRF 2014 will be held in Arequipa, Perù, 12th-15th October 2014.