De-LAB for Veneta Sedie – Launching a Call to Promote Sustainable Design!

De-LAB is proud to present “Oltre il legno”, an innovative call for young designers. The project will involve 15 graduates from all over Italy, selected by a technical board during an interactive two-day workshop at Veneta Sedie, focused on digital manufacturing and industrial design.
The workshop will be held on October 21 and 22 and will point at designing “The Good Chair of Veneta Sedie”, a new and old chair born using production waste.
Designing this call, we aimed at promoting an open and interactive model that could push the world of mainstream production to innovate starting from the tools of digital manufacturing. The main goal is to set up a holistic and collaborative reasoning on the innovative techniques of recycling waste using digital tools applied to the chairs’ production.
To do this, we involved PoP-LAB, a digital manufacture’s laboratory based in Rovigo and focused on industrial design and Industry 4.0. We believe that the most important challenge is to create shared value through a real contamination between experts, especially concerning production processes.
The project is part of De-LAB’s project for Veneta Sedie as well as of De-LAB’s essence of consulting and design laboratory developing and carrying out new ways for bridging sustainability and profitability, within the profit sector, by using Social Innovation methods.