Rassegna stampa

http://costacontemporanea.es/?torakalniy=carte-du-tarot-le-mat&916=62 Franca Maino is Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan, where she teaches “Social and Labour Policies” and “Health and Social-Health Policies”. From 2006 to 2011 she has been coordinator of the scientific program of the Graduate School in Social, Economic & Political Sciences of the University […]

rencontrer des hommes suГ©dois Antonella Fioravanti, 37, a researcher from Prato and a graduate of Florence, works at the University of Brussels (VUB). In July 2019, she published in Nature Microbiology her latest study in which she managed to find a more effective cure for anthrax by “breaking” the protein shell that protects the bacterium, allowing its destruction. We […]

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