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http://compagnieankreation.fr/?samosval=site-rencontre-meilleurs&cf3=1a Sector: Textile and Fashion  Name: Maglieria Mancon  – Your story starts way back, on your own, and is intertwined with that of many craftsmen who have been able to give shape to true quality Made in Italy: what have been the most significant moments in your growth as an entrepreneur?  The most significant moments of […]

http://larinconadadetajo.es/?typoy=como-ligar-gratis-pelo-celular&760=d6 Our roundup of “scoring” interviews continues. Today we deepen the work of Stefania Temis, from early 2021 Councillor for Kindness of the City of Otranto. A lifetime of commitment as a teacher and as a clown in hospitals, she has a radio project for children on the value of kindness and then the “jump” to […]

http://sebinocars.com/?opravdaniye=incontri-a-monterotondo&d7d=b5 On the occasion of the pre-summit on food systems hosted by the Italian Government from July 26 to 28, we had the pleasure to interview Stefano Liberti, journalist and writer expert on food systems and food economy. Enjoy reading! The health and environmental crises have many things in common: their systemic impact, their correlation with […]

Our column dedicated to crucial interviews continues 🙂 Today we interview Elisa Bonizzoni. A psychologist “on loan” from the world of marketing and communication, she has been working on spreading a culture of acceptance and appreciation of diversity since 2009. The issue of non-discrimination in the workplace has been included in many company policies for […]

Our column dedicated to crucial interviews continues 🙂 Today we interview Virginia Bagnoli, Senior Manager at Climate Group, an international non-profit specialising in public policy consultancy for the reduction of greenhouse gases.  1. The Climate Group’s mission is “Driving Climate Action. Fast”. Knowing the lengthy timescales of participatory policy-making processes, such as those related to […]

It was with great pleasure that we accepted the invitation of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation to participate in the Cooperation Lab. There have been several opportunities to discuss within the laboratory with experts and technicians from the world of cooperation, within the project 𝗦𝘃𝗶𝗹𝘂𝗽𝗣𝗔. On this occasion, both the relationships between the different […]

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