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http://larinconadadetajo.es/?typoy=como-ligar-gratis-pelo-celular&760=d6 This month’s De-LAB interview brings you to meet Claudia Chiti, General Manager of Manni Group, a company specializing in building infrastructure. Enjoy the reading and see you next month! – Manni Group has been in the construction infrastructure business for 75 years, all over the world. We can say that you “do” International Development on […]

How did your story in Uganda started?  We came to Uganda in 1987 to provide support in dealing with AIDS epidemic, which had its epicenter in Uganda (together with other diseases like tuberculosis). Back then, Uganda was a post war area, dramatically in need health care. There were no facilities…nothing….so we built them in the […]

This month we share the story of a truly outstanding winery and two truly exemplary entrepreneurs: Marisa Cuomo and Andrea Ferraioli. Here is the full interview, also reported in June’s De-LAB newsletter. Happy reading!  Can you tell us the most important moments of your entrepreneurial journey as founder of Marisa Cuomo Winery?  The company was […]

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