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http://larinconadadetajo.es/?typoy=como-ligar-gratis-pelo-celular&760=d6 This month we introduce you to a fantastic person: his name is Roberto Paura and he is the director of the Italian Institute of Future Studies. Here is the complete interview, also reported in the May De-LAB newsletter. Happy reading!  What are future studies?  Studies on futures, or on futuristic scenarios, are all those processes […]

http://sebinocars.com/?opravdaniye=incontri-a-monterotondo&d7d=b5 Today we interview a professional expert in digital solutions applied to the human resources sector. His experience will allow us to understand what is on the horizon in a sector that is constantly evolving. Could you tell us about your profession and what your HR support consists of?  For 25 years, I have been working […]

The book “Città prossime” (Next Cities) by Cristina Tajani – Guerini Associati Edizioni – resembles an Olympic sport that is dear to us: fencing. It is divided into 9 dry and well argued chapters, which lead the game ranging from international literature to first-hand experiences, drawn from her two terms as Councillor for Employment of […]

Our column dedicated to crucial interviews continues 🙂 Today we interview Elisa Bonizzoni. A psychologist “on loan” from the world of marketing and communication, she has been working on spreading a culture of acceptance and appreciation of diversity since 2009. The issue of non-discrimination in the workplace has been included in many company policies for […]

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