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Cooperation, frugal innovation, business modeling, value-sensitive design, capacity building, feasibility, Lego© Serious Play©


We develop business models for companies operating in developing countries with products or services co-created to improve the living conditions of low-income communities.

Sustainability report, Carbon footprint, CSR, social reporting, diversity, BCORP™/Benefit Corporations, green procurement, coaching, corporate volunteering


We design innovative initiatives, tools and models to respond more effectively and efficiently to social and environmental needs inside and outside the company. 

ISO 17033, corporate kindness, brand activism, dissemination, creative content, social campaigns

Ethical Communication

We create messages and activate languages designed to restore the value of social or environmental initiatives, inspiring actors and communities to make change happen.

to analyze needs, grasping the potential and capabilities of our partners

initiatives designed ad-hoc, adapting theoretical models and co-creating inclusive and scalable long-term solutions

the solutions devised, knowing the context of action and the methodology

to collect data, measure impacts, verify hypotheses, understand their applications

processes by perfecting and monitoring the progress of projects over time, or in other contexts

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We like to work with those who aim to go beyond the status quo, taking the risk to innovate practices and debates

"It takes to to tango"... and you will always be our special partner

We don't represent interests or affiliations of any kind, so we'll give you honest ideas and advice

What we design for you, works for us too: ask us about our community and environmental commitments

Our partners:


Amref Health Africa

We collaborated with De-LAB to create a workshop on the theme of innovation, which would accompany the Communication and Fundraising sector in a phase of great internal and external change, stimulating a positive attitude towards the 'new'. De-LAB made the concepts concrete and alive, stimulating in the team positive, participative and conscious reflections towards the process through which innovative ideas are developed.

Marta Bove Head of Communication and Fundraising - Amref Health Africa

Skinius Srl

De-LAB has been able to grasp the nuances of our work so well and has helped us to rationalize hidden virtues that will further enrich the value of Skinius for us, for our customers and suppliers.

Alice Di Pietro Head of Communication - Skinius Srl


De-LAB has supported us in the most comprehensive, kind and ecological way in pursuing our choice and vision. It has guided our work with the aim of being among the entrepreneurs of the regenerative economy, not only for profit but also for benefit.

Riccardo Rodella CEO - Floox


Working with De-LAB has allowed us to look at our overall activities, projects and sensitivities already present within our organization. De-LAB’s ability to listen to us has given us a tailor-made work program that is feasible in the short, medium and long term.

Roberto di Puma Bonvini1909

Consorzio Sol.co – Verona

De-LAB training for WELFCARE made a difference with its practical approach, exercises and concrete experiences shared in each project.

Chiara Bebber Consorzio Sol.co – Verona

Abbracciamoli ONLUS

Working with De-LAB has been enlightening because their take on third sector companies is ultimately not mercenary but value-based; it has been stimulating because the fulcrum of communication together is experience in social activities; it has been fascinating because the use of brilliant ideas simplifies what is not simple; and it has been fun because it is nice to speak the same language.

Alberto Cervi Abbracciamoli ONLUS


Working with De-LAB has been profitable and stimulating: it has allowed us to face Responsible Innovation issues by applying them to a wide range of business cases. Innovating requires attention to the issues of responsibility: De-LAB’s expertise represents an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized companies.



I have seen many teams that work well, but teams organized like yours very rarely.

Elena Dominique Midolo CEO ClioMakeUp


Working with De-LAB has been a pleasant discovery: their support for a project on issues related to sustainability and social innovation has turned into something bigger. With their help, our Institute has been able to re-evaluate its mission, its values and what has driven it for over 30 years. An opportunity we jumped at.

IVSI Milan


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