IN ETHICAL WORDS – communication makes social impacts

fougerolles-saint-valbert lieu de rencontre celibataire “In ethical words ©” is a project developed by De-LAB that  Hazel Park offers communication and graphic products to companies of any sector. The key feature of our project is to  Jalapa engage poor people in carrying out these products.

What we dowe involve needy people in carrying out videos and graphic services responding to the needs of entrepreneurs/private companies. 

The latters, at a reasonable cost, may purchase the required service and its socially-oriented value added, which De-LAB will enhance once the project will be concluded.

With “In ethical words ©” the entrepreneurs choose an innovative product characterized by a social meaning, whose returns are also shared among the main actors, namely the needy people who took part in the project.

Why: to give a social meaning to your business, to strenghten your market positioning, to get a product with a different soul. To make the difference.

We have currently applied In Ethical Words to the typography Bonvini1909, engaging the NGO “Allons Enfants” as the direct beneficiary of the initiative.

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