TRIENNALE MILANO – Inclusive Design

Design after Design is the leit motif of XX1 Triennale, an extraordinary six-months programme of cultural events and exhibitions starting in April and ending in September in Milan. The event is a 360 degrees investigation on the theme and includes several different sections.

De-LAB, in partnership with Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, has been selected to illustrate which are the tangency points between Design and Developing Countries both at a theoretical level, thus referring to Human Centered design theories, and practical level, more strictly related to product design. The perspective adopted has been of course that of Inclusive Business, since we believe having the power to coniugate Business with Development.

In order to better face the challenge, De-LAB has built an interdisciplinary team counting on the contributions of two product designers and one architect. The project resulted in a morning of lectures (the 28th of April) at the end of which it was presented Kokono, a protection system for children from 0-12 months, designed and conceived by De-LAB for low/middle-income consumers. If on the one hand, lectures held by international guests (Prof. Anil Gupta from Indian Institute of Management and Jeremy Millard from Brunel University) contributed with interesting stimuli to the theoretical debate, on the other, Kokono was a pragmatic, more business-oriented spark on how Design can really start considering different kind of users.

De-LAB’s next step will be that of looking for a company able to understand the potentiality of hybridising concepts of Human Centred Design and Inclusive Business to start with us a new project.

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