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We design and implement with passion and experience projects that build and strengthen the ethical purpose of companies and organizations by responding concretely to the needs of the most vulnerable and the principles of sustainable development. We do this by following Inclusive Business, Social Innovation and Ethical Communication models.

We believe in our work to the point that we are as committed as our clients: we are a registered Benefit Corporation, so our profit always generates a positive social impact. We are a certified BCorp™, so the way our profit generates social impact has been verified and approved by a third party. Because we believe that in order to be a truly credible consulting partner, there must be consistency between being and doing.

Why choose De-LAB?

Because we are a workshop that designs for you.

Choosing De-LAB means appreciating our independence, which guarantees clarity and reliability in relationships; our competence, which gives rigor and concreteness to the projects we conceive; our availability, always at our partners’ side; and our passion, which will stimulate new choices and unexpected opportunities.

Identity: De-LAB is a social design center specializing in design, consultancy, research and training in the field of the Purpose Economy.

Mission: we assist the private sector and organizations within social impact business models that are innovative, sustainable and inclusive.

Vision: to contribute in making businesses and organizations agents of positive change for communities and the environment, generating hybrid (profit-non-profit-public), systemic and regenerative ecosystems.

Strategy:combining knowledge of Inclusive Business, Social Innovation and Ethical Communication models with direct experience in the field, co-creating solutions that respond to concrete needs, between sustainable development and the fight against the various forms of poverty.

Mission statement

to analyze needs, grasping the potential and capabilities of our partners

initiatives designed ad-hoc, adapting theoretical models and co-creating inclusive and scalable long-term solutions

the solutions devised, knowing the context of action and the methodology

to collect data, measure impacts, verify hypotheses, understand their applications

processes by perfecting and monitoring the progress of projects over time, or in other contexts

Lucia Dal Negro

Founding Partner / CEO

Bachelor’s degree in Cooperation and Master’s degree in International Relations at Università Cattolica. Advanced Diploma in Humanitarian Emergencies at ISPI and UNICEF development education. MSc in Environment and Development at the London School of Economics.

PhD in International Institutions and Policies at Catholic University. He has worked with the Holy See Delegation to the UN in Geneva, ActionAid, Nespresso/INCAE Business School, UNEP/Wuppertal Institute, Endeva, Altromercato. She has worked for the CNR in Milan, for the G8 task force on social impact, for Omal Spa (for which she directed the sustainability and communication office for two years) for Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli as a researcher on environment and global health. In 2014 she founded the benefit company and B-CORP™ De-LAB srl, and is an advisor on the sounding board of the Giannino Bassetti Foundation. She is a certified LEGO© Serious Play© facilitator, UNCTAD expert on private procurement and a member of the Executive Board of the Italian Association of Social Designers.

Her motto: let’s ask ourselves why!

Lucio Vesentini

Founding partner 

Graduated in Trade Marketing and Business Strategies at the University of Parma, he began his career in marketing at Pirelli in 2008 holding various positions including Digital Marketing Manager for the Motorcycle Business Unit and Global Brand Manager for the Metzeler brand. In 2017 he took on the role of Digital Marketing Program Manager. Since March 2019 he has held the position of Consumer Insight Sr Manager with international responsibility. He is also a Marketing lecturer in the Post-Lauream Master in Marketing & Digital Communication Strategy at Aforisma Business School.

His motto: data-first!

Elisabetta Pesenti

Senior Project Manager / Coaching

Graduated in 2006 in International Relations at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) with a specialised thesis on the impact of decentralised cooperation on the European integration process of Serbia. 

After a period of field research at UNOPS in Belgrade, she worked at UNDP in Geneva and then moved to Brussels, where she spent the last ten years in European consultancy for SMEs.

Since 2019, she has been an ICF certified coach and works alongside companies and entrepreneurs who need to develop strategies for change management and orientation of their business. 

Her Motto: the answer is us!

Amelie Reuterskiöld Franchin

Senior Project Manager / Partnership

Amelie has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, a Master’s degree in International Development from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a Diploma in Microfinance from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He has worked for more than 12 years in international cooperation (including 7 years in Africa, Latin America and the USA) with the United Nations (UNESCO, IFAD) development banks (IADB), international NGOs (Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages), and SIDA (the Swedish cooperation). Its expertise is in solving challenges to sustainability and international development through the creation of innovative, cross-sectoral partnerships based on the Shared Value approach. 

Her motto: let’s clarify the expectations! 

Sara Tortorella

Senior Project Specialist / Urban Planning

Graduated from the University of Architecture of Roma3. Researcher at the Structures Department of the Faculty of Engineering of Roma3 for the realization of a Tensegrity Structure in South Africa. Since 2010 she has been an architect and town planner and has collaborated on the drafting of the first PUGi in Puglia. In 2012 he won a regional competition for the regeneration of ancient villages and coordinated the project, which included the creation of a pavilion with food waste in PET plastic. Also in 2012, he developed the Eco-Metamorphòsis project on the environment and the incivility of waste. In 2013 Eco-Metamorphòsis was exhibited at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, curated by David Chipperfield and dedicated to “Common Ground”, the Common Space.

Her motto: let’s build up on our ideas!

Antonio Duma

Graphic Designer

Master’s degree in Scenography and specialisation in Performing Arts and Disciplines, he has a master’s degree in Management for the performing arts and live events. After an internship at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Department of New Technologies and Lime.art (Live Interactive Media Art), he continued his career in the creative and artistic field. In 2016 he founded the Cultural and Theatrical Association “Teatro Dantès – Art Factory” with which he carries out projects on performing arts in theatre dress. Editor of the literary poetry magazine “Menabò”. 

His motto is is a quote from Bécquer: “He who possesses the imagination, with what ease creates a world out of nothing.”

Carlo Ballabio

Carlo graduated in 2021 with a degree in “Economics and Business Administration” from the University of Milan-Bicocca conducting his thesis on circular economy entitled “Circular Economy: Utopia or Reality?” thus beginning his journey toward sustainability. In 2023 he began a master’s degree at the Catholic University of Brescia in “Climate Risk and Environmental Governance. Adaptation and Education for Integral Ecology” while continuing his consulting work (started in late 2021) on subjects related to GDPR and D. Lgs. 231/01.

His motto: let’s re-innovate!

Elizabeth Kassami

Elizabeth Kassami, has been working for the Kokono Project as Community Outreach Lead for almost three years. She has a BA from the University of Dallas, Texas (Associates of Science in Business Administration & Management) then completed at the University of North Texas (Denton) in International Relations & Humanitarian Affairs. He later completed another BA at Cavendish University in International Relations & Diplomacy. He enjoys working for projects that have a great impact on the community and also collaborates with De-LAB in implementing market activation processes for Italian companies interested in learning more about the Ugandan market.

Her motto: let’s re-cooperate!

Vanessa Mectilda

Vanessa Mectilda, specializes in livelihood analysis, retail management and research assistance. Holding a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at Cavendish University, she worked as a livelihoods analyst at IUCN Uganda and contributed significantly to watershed restoration through meticulous rapid assessment testing and comprehensive livelihoods analysis. Currently, as Store Manager at Kokono Uganda, Vanessa oversees wholesale and retail operations, with a focus on market trends, supplier negotiations, and budget planning.

Her motto: we can make it!

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