De-LAB Crowdfunding Campaign on Produzioni Dal Basso gets under way!

From 3 to 31 May, you can support the creation of a special series of cribs made of biodegradable material (starting from 15 euros), which will be donated to Ugandan associations and orphanages operating in remote areas of the country, where our distribution cannot operate. 
This message is to invite you to discover the project on the website www.kokono.life and to think about Mother’s Day with an alternative gift.
From 3 to 31 May, if you wish, you can help us to donate KOKONO ™ – which means “empty pumpkin” in a local dialect – with the aim of: 

  • Reducing infant mortality under the age of one, in the areas where KOKONO ™ will be used > precisely because the cradle is a true physical protection that separates infants from the ground and wraps them in its rigid, mosquito-net-covered shell.
  • Activating a model of sustainable production on site > because KOKONO™ will not be produced in Italy, but all its components will be built in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, employing local people and manufacturers, both for the body and for the handle and mosquito net. A choice that rewards relationships born together with local people, transferring skills and know-how between Italy and Uganda. 
  • Supporting mothers and the most fragile communities > KOKONO™ will support women and families in difficulty, allowing them to take care of their children even when they have to go to the plantations to work, or when they have to move around on makeshift transport, leaving them in a safe and protected space. In addition, for the distribution of KOKONO™ we will rely on women who will be able to present it in the villages and communities, generating employment opportunities for them.

We believe that there is strength in unity, so, with the hope of having you by our side on this journey, we leave you with this African motto: If you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk together”.

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