Poker of Aces: 5 questions to 4 “Made in Italy” entrepreneurs

site de rencontres quГ©bec Sector: Textile and Fashion 

Pār Naogaon Name: Maglieria Mancon 

como conocer gente pais extranjero – Your story starts way back, on your own, and is intertwined with that of many craftsmen who have been able to give shape to true quality Made in Italy: what have been the most significant moments in your growth as an entrepreneur? 

The most significant moments of growth have been those of change, those that required new and courageous solutions. I am thinking of when, in the 1990s, we transformed our knitwear production activity for the fashion industry into the production of our own fashion knitwear brand for a niche market, moving from quantity to extreme quality.

http://covid-innovation.fr/?kontrolnarobota=site-de-rencontres-43&17b=92 – The textile industry is one of the cornerstones of Made in Italy. What value do you give to the term “Made in Italy” today and how can it be concretely supported in the face of global competition? 

Made in Italy’ has an inestimable value, particularly appreciated abroad, which is based on the skills and culture of beautiful, well-made products. It must be maintained through knowledge of production processes and education in manual skills from an early age. If every consumer were acutely aware of the link between the purchase of a good and the impact of its production process on the planet, perhaps they would reflect more. Institutional/political support is also needed.

– How do you see the future of your sector? Is there room for new entrepreneurs? 

The textile business has always existed and evolved with humanity. It is a fascinating sector that is easily intertwined with others. I believe there is always room for new entrepreneurs and projects, as long as they are creative and concrete at the same time, and know how to respond to the new demands of attention to the world of the future.

– What do you think should be the most important characteristics for a young entrepreneur who wants to make his or her way in your sector? What advice would you give them?

Have confidence in yourself and your project in order to face challenges with courage and determination. Be open to collaborations, cultivate curiosity and continuous training.

– If you had the opportunity to implement three improvements in your area of work, which would you choose? 

I would strengthen the network between industry players, act on the environmental impact and social responsibility of the fashion industry, work on greater transparency on origin and production. 

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